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Optimize System Registry

The Windows Registry stores settings and options for Microsoft Windows. Over time, the registry gradually grows in size and gets cluttered with obsolete data. This can cause Windows to slow down and causes other problems. PC Speed Maximizer will help you clean, optimize and compress your registry to improve the performance of your computer. In the Registry Tab, choose the Scan button to search the registry for invalid entries. When the scan is complete, choose the Fix button to correct the entries.

Delete Privacy Files

From the Clean Up Privacy and Temporary Files Screen, the software lets you scan and delete privacy and temporary files. These files are necessary for certain applications to run but take system resources when they are not being used. This is especially true for applications that are used only a few times and have remaining temporary files. After cleaning these temporary files and personal settings, you will notice an improvement in overall system performance.

Fix Invalid Shortcuts

Invalid shortcuts result from deleted programs or program updates. These files should be deleted by the application but in some cases they are left behind and need to be removed. PC Speed Maximizer removes these invalid shortcut files so that your system is not slowed by these unnecessary files.

Optimize Windows Settings

PC Speed Maximizer allows you to optimize windows settings including System, Internet and Security settings which may be unnecessary. Some settings which you may not be using can slow down system performance. Therefore, it is important to review which windows settings are currently running and ensure that they are all necessary. Click to Start the FREE Scan

Manage Start Up Program

Windows comes with default programs which are active on start up. Additionally each program or software that you install may be activated automatically upon start up. Unless these programs are being used, they are taking up unnecessary resources which will slow down your computer.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista x64/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • Pentium Processor
  • 64 Mb of RAM
  • 10 Mb free hard disk space